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Our heating and cooling company provides any repair services you may need in Haltom city. From HVAC repair to emergency repairs and residential services, Arrowhead Integrated Solutions will have your problem fixed in no time! Our licensed HVAC contractors are skilled in all areas of air conditioner and heater repair and installation.

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Heat Pump Repair &   Replacement

We also specialize in heat pump repair and installation and ductless mini-split A/C systems. We are a reliable HVAC provider known to the community for over thirty years of excellent service.

Air Conditioner Repair

Get Air Conditioner Installation and Service for ductless Mini Split System anytime you want.

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Heat Pump Repair &   Replacement

You will have plenty of advantages if your heat pump is working properly and functioning without any issue.

Furnace Repair & Replacement

The repairing process is pretty simple. We will visit your home, evaluate your furnace, inspect thoroughly, and will decide about the issue. If it is easily repairable, we will instantly repair it for you.

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Malcolm’s Heating and Air make a huge reliable share in the market, rendering the best services and quality at cost-effective prices.


Dedicated, and Guaranteed client satisfaction feedback record of both Heating and Air services.


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